Sunday, 7 August 2011

First step on a journey of discovery into the mystery that is Art

So, here I start.. new to blogging and a new photography course to follow.

Writing was never a strong point for me so at least these musings will not be too arduous for those interested (why?) or those who have to (my tutor) read them.

Yes, I'm a cynic, but trying to put some art of the possible into my life.

I am taking a Photography Course run by the OCA.

Admittedly I have taken over the course from my son who decided - after I had purchased it - to go to University and study Graphic Design instead. Luckily he hadn't actually started, and the kind people at the OCA allowed me to start. The Art of Patience is a life long practice.

So here I go, from a happy snapper and very-part-time dabbler in Weddings into a journey of Discovery into the Art of Photography.

Being born in Liverpool in the Sixties, I must admit that that Art appreciation was not a family pursuit. The only art in our home was a chipped mirror with a hand painted garden on it (must ask Mother where it came from and why it was there!). School was not much better with the only 'art' visible being the graffiti depicting football support preference or the latest exploits of virile teenagers. Connecting to our inner artist during school art classes was typically interrupted by fights, chairs being thrown at the teacher - chairs being thrown back by the teacher (I kid you not!) and bullies ripping any work you had managed to complete. Transferring to metal work was least you had weapons to hand to defend yourself.

My tutor for this course kindly pointed out that this is a course focussed on Photography as Art. I quote from the email he sent me..

"the.. degree is centred upon the creation of meaning through imagery and understanding how the images you create and critique relate to photographic culture and history"

Good luck, I hear you say. Indeed.
Any journey has to start with a first I go